The company, the vision and the team.


Ecwix Engineering

Optimized Structural Design

Ecwix Engineering is an innovative company that tries to fill the gaps and the flaws of the existing software for steel design. By taking full advantage of the new technologies, through a modern cloud platform, it hopes to offer to the steel structural engineers modern web applications for the design of steel connections and beyond. Moreover all of the applications of the platform have an instructive orientation, helping the engineers to design optimal structures.

The initial vision behind the project, is to fully cover the challenges and the obstacles that a structural engineer faces on a daily basis. The ultimate long-term goal of the company, is to create a number of high-quality design suites that will cover every construction, according to all European and non-European design codes.

Founder & Developer

Nick Dunas

M.Eng. Structural Engineer

Nick holds an M.Eng. in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specializing in steel structures. Having worked in Greece as a site engineer for a significant amount of time, he got the opportunity to work in Germany as an industrial steel structural engineer and a steel detailer as well. The abovementioned position gave him the opportunity to deepen his knowledge and apply this knowledge into practice. Nevertheless, technology was always his passion. He is a self-taught programmer and he has been a freelancer web designer and web developer for many years.

Nick is mainly responsible for the technological part of Ecwix Engineering's platforms. However, he is responsible for all operations of the company. His intention and his vision as well, is to build a highly-innovative company that will offer to the engineers the best possible user experience.

Scientific Advisor & Developer

Daniel Luís Nunes

M.Sc. Structural Engineer

After graduating from the Nova University of Lisbon, Daniel obtained his master in Advanced Design in Steel and Composite Structures from the Polytechnic University of Timisoara where he then continued his work making research in the field of Lateral-Torsional Buckling in Tapered Elements for three years. Having after that pursued a career in private practice in Romania and France, and having worked in many different environments from industrial to residential, he gathered an invaluable insight of the structural engineer's practice and responsibilities. He wishes to continue to integrate a high technical knowledge with the needs and constraints of the engineer’s trade.

Daniel is the expert behind every single calculation in Steel suite. He develops high-quality mathematical models which are converted into web applications. Moreover he is responsible for the testing process, making sure that the calculations are done as promised.