Fin plates simple joints

Beam to column web fin plate simple connections design.

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IH S FP 1.3
Beta version
Steel suite is still running on beta. During the beta period all the applications can be used for free.

The IH S FP 1.3 application designs simple beam to column web fin plate connections. The given joint is designed by using the EN 1993-1-8:2005 components method.

This connection type is popular, as it can be one of the quickest connections to erect and overcomes the problem of shared bolts in two-sided connections.

Main features
Extended verification

Besides the preliminary set of pre-design checks for better geometric and coherence control, this connection conducts 18 different resistance checks, as well as ductility and rotation requirements.

Axial-shear interaction

The mathematics behind this connection allows for the interaction between axial force and shear where their effects are cumulative, like bolts in shear, weld stress or block tearing.

Comprehensive geometric options

Between notches, slotted holes and number of beams, the user has a vast array of options to choose from, in order to create the desired geometric layout.

Design checks

Supporting beam

  • Web to local shear
  • Web to punching shear
  • Web to shear

Supported beam

  • Web in bearing
  • Web gross section in shear
  • Web net section in shear
  • Web to eccentric block tearing
  • Web to centric block tearing
  • Web to shear and bending interaction
  • Local stability of the notch


  • Parallel and transverse stress interaction

Fin plate

  • Plate bearing
  • Plate gross section in shear
  • Plate net section in shear
  • Plate eccentric block tearing
  • Plate centric block tearing
  • Lateral torsional buckling

Bolt group

  • Shear
Implemented codes and standards
  • EN 1993-1-1:2005: Design of steel structures - General rules and rules for buildings
  • EN 1993-1-8:2005: Design of steel structures - Design of joints
  • National Annexes:

  • BS NA EN 1993-1-8
  • DIN NA EN 1993-1-8
  • NF NA EN 1993-1-8
  • NP NA EN 1993-1-8
  • SR NA EN 1993-1-8
  • ΕΛΟΤ NA EN 1993-1-8
Technical sources
  • SCI publications
  • Access-Steel publications
  • ECCS publications
  • Various ISI and BDI indexed scientific articles