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August 30, 2016

We have finally launched!

After two years of intensive work, we are more than happy to announce the initial release of the beta version of Steel suite.

Steel suite is a cloud-based platform that offers high-end web applications for the design of steel connections according to the Eurocode. The initial version of the platform offers three applications for the design of fin plate simple joints. Additionally, an interactive steel sections library is also available.

The main advantage of Steel suite is that the calculations are implemented on our servers. This feature assures that the engineer can access and use the applications from any device (PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles) with an internet connection, regardless its computational power. The applications are developed using state of the art technologies, offering interactive 3D and 2D graphics.

Please feel free to create a personal account and test the platform by yourself here:

You can navigate to our multilingual commercial web page here:

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