Feature-packed platform

3D graphics and comprehensive results reports are only a few of the offered features.

Cloud engineering

Ecwix Engineering steel suite is a cloud based software as a service solution. It consists of a variety of web applications and web libraries. The aim of Ecwix Engineering is to cover all aspects and parts of Eurocode 3. We offer to the structural engineers a full package of automated calculations bundled into a suite consisted of plenty web applications.

The advantages of cloud engineering are already known, but are not yet widely used. In combination with the responsive design of the suite, the user has access from every device with an internet connection. The calculations of the applications are all implemented super-fast on the web, so it can be used by all kinds of devices and operating systems and not only by high-end computers running Microsoft Windows.

State of the art technologies

The Steel suite is developed using state of the art technology. For the frontend the 3D graphics are implemented using WebGL and the 2D graphics using SVG (scalable vector graphics). For the backend the most famous PHP framework Laravel, is used. Additionally a number of JavaScript libraries and plugins are also combined.

The structural engineer has the opportunity to design only realistic steel joints. Practically this means that the steel connection that is calculated through Ecwix Engineering suite is exactly the same as the steel connection that will be constructed. This will be achieved through the state of the art user interface of the applications. The 3D and 2D interactive graphics guide and help the engineer to design first class steel connections.

Comprehensive results reports

The results reports of Steel suite applications are the most comprehensive reports on the market. Except the overall design ratio of the steel connection, the user can see the design ratio of each component separately. Practically that means that the user can spot the weaknesses of each steel connection and make the appropriate changes and improvements that will lead to the optimal design.

For the most demanding users a table of all the calculated factors is presented, so that everyone can check the accuracy of the results. Moreover references are offered for almost every single calculated factor. Finally the results reports can be exported and saved as printable pdf documents.